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low level light therapy for hair loss

You know what they say. It is far better to be safe than sorry. Safe as houses, they also say. This appears to be the sensible attitude being taken towards low level light therapy for hair loss. And immediately this is read, the lights start to flicker. Folks out there who have had to put up with an acute loss of hair for the better part of their lives, as well as those who suffered a sudden and shocking loss of hair almost overnight for any number of reasons, will be taking note. 

Sudden hair loss occurs due to illness, disease and even accident. In the case of serious accidents, it may be possible that the surgeon in service needs to shave the patient’s entire scalp. This so that the surgeon is able to treat the mild to severe head injuries without any encumbrances. So far so good, and let the wounds now heal. But then this happens. Owing to both the physical and emotional trauma suffered by the patient, it is quite possible that the hair stubbornly refuses to grow back.

And how is that for added trauma. Let’s just say that the patient now needs to be patient. Because even with low level light therapy for hair loss, there is never going to be an overnight remedy. The light therapy may well be an overwhelming success, but even so, results will only be known within a few weeks, sometimes even, within months. The caution exercised with the therapy is commendable and sensible.

From the beginning, this is a form of therapy that requires no medical prescription from a general practitioner or specialist. It is a well-known fact that alternative forms of therapy have been proven to be both duds and disasters.