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They say music soothes the savage beast.  If this is true, then it can definitely be beneficial to seek out and enjoy music therapy westport ct.  When we listen to music it has a calming effect on our bodies.  For some people music is a way to escape the day to day stresses of their world and escape into a world of their own imagination. 

Relieves stress and anxieties

For many people the stress of day to day life can be too much for them.  With a lot of information being thrown at them on a constant basis many people will just need to get a release from it.  When listening to music our minds are instantly enveloped in the melody. 

It helps with healing

music therapy westport ct

The magic of music is unknown; however, it has been shown to have remarkable healing powers.  When we listen to music the vibrations seem to resonate in our bodies sending endorphins to the brain which in turn send healing energy throughout our bodies.  These energies help stimulate cells and help with healing.

Interesting research is being conducted on those suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  With the music being absorbed in the brain many of those who suffer from these mental diseases have shown improvements in their abilities to fight the disease.  Further testing on this is needed but for those who have tried it, it does seem promising.

Improves self-expression and confidence

When we learn to listen to music, play music and interact with others through music it gives us a sense of confidence that was lacking before.  When playing we are not tied into a specific set of notes and combinations.  With music we are able to play notes in whatever order our inspiration allows us to which has led to a lot of self-expression in those taking the therapy.

When we learn music, play music and just enjoy music our bodies are sent into a trance that has a lot of medical and psychological benefits.